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Hands on with Computer Vision - from Insight to Implementation

Learn how to build a computer vision project with Databricks

Computer vision is no longer a use case arriving in the distant future. It’s already being used across companies to measure product quality, monitor safety, observe human behavior, validate item availability on shelf, generate real-time alerts based on observations and much more. The practical applications for computer vision are only limited by the creativity of the engineer.

The common challenges of computer vision projects? Ingestion of streaming unstructured data, labeling images to improve training accuracy, training models and deploying pickle files back to the edge devices.

In this workshop, Databricks engineers will share a foundational computer vision framework that you can use to quickly build a foundation for your own computer vision projects. Our partner, Labelbox, will demonstrate how you can save time and greatly improve the accuracy of your model training by creating and managing your training data, collaboration and processes in a single place — so you can focus on building the next big thing.



Rober Saker

Rob Saker

Global Industry Leader — Retail and Manufacturing



Bryan Smith

Technical Director — Retail and CPG



Paulo Borges

Solutions Architect



Christopher Amata

Solutions Engineer