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Hassle-Free Data Ingestion Part 1

Easily load your data into Delta Lake

Available on demand

It’s difficult and costly to unify hundreds of different data sources to create a single source of truth. But it’s also the only way to prepare for data science and machine learning.

Watch this webinar on-demand to discover how Databricks simplifies data ingestion into Delta Lake. This webinar will include a demo and live Q&A to introduce you to the newly released features and tools that make data ingestion even easier on the Databricks Lakehouse Platform.

You’ll find out how:

  • To ingest data continuously into your lakehouse from cloud storage, such as Azure Data Lake Storage, AWS S3 or Google Cloud Storage
  • To Ingest data at low latencies from sources like Apache Kafka, Azure Event Hubs, and AWS Kinesis
  • To Empower more users with SQL-only ingestion capabilities
  • Jam City ingests massive volumes of mobile gaming data – reaching hundreds of thousands of records per second – to improve the gaming experience

Watch the Hassle-Free Data Ingestion webinar series to discover how Databricks simplifies data ingestion into Delta Lake for all data types.


Burak Yavuz

Burak Yavuz

Engineering Manager



Eric Wasserman

Senior Architect

Jam City