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Hassle-Free Data Ingestion Part 2

Semi-structured data

Webinar: Hassle-Free Data Ingestion Part 2: Semi-Structured Data

In today’s world, organizations are inundated with data in a variety of different formats, siloed across various sources. This fragmentation makes it difficult to support new use cases for analytics or machine learning. That’s why teams need a way to easily ingest data in any form.

Discover how Databricks simplifies semi-structured data ingestion into Delta Lake. This webinar will include a demo and live Q&A to introduce you to the newly released features and tools that make data ingestion even easier on the Databricks Lakehouse Platform.

In this webinar, you’ll find out how to:

  • Easily ingest semi-structured data at scale into Delta Lake to power data science, machine learning and analytics
  • Ingest data from applications, data stores, mainframes, files and more into Delta Lake with preconfigured partner solutions
  • Use Databricks Auto Loader to ingest JSON data into Delta Lake

Watch the Hassle-Free Data Ingestion webinar series to discover how Databricks simplifies data ingestion into Delta Lake for all data types.



Emma Liu

Staff Product Manager