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Hassle-Free Data Ingestion

Webinar Series

Ingesting data from hundreds of different data sources is a critical step before organizations can execute advanced analytics, data science and machine learning. But ingesting and unifying this data to create a reliable single source of truth is extremely time consuming and costly.

In this webinar series, discover how Databricks simplifies data ingestion into Delta Lake for all data types. Each webinar includes an overview and demo to introduce you to the newly released features and tools that make structured, semi-structured and unstructured data ingestion even easier on the Databricks Lakehouse Platform.

Webinars in the series:

  • Intro to Data Ingestion on Databricks — Learn how Databricks enables you to easily and quickly ingest data continuously or at low latency and empowers more users with SQL-only ingestion capabilities
  • Semi-Structured Data Ingestion — Deep dive into how Databricks simplifies JSON data ingestion into Delta Lake at scale
  • Unstructured Data Ingestion – Discover how Databricks makes it easy to ingest unstructured data at scale with Auto Loader and see how partners, like Labelbox, can help you label your unstructured data.