AI and Healthcare: How to Bring Analytics and AI Into the Clinical Setting

Available on-demand

Healthcare organizations are capturing petabytes of digital information across electronic health records, genomic sequences and IoT data. Using this data to improve clinical practice requires AI technologies that bring disparate data together with state-of-the-art accuracy.

However, building actionable insights with analytics and machine learning in a clinical setting is no easy task. Join informatics leaders from UCLA Health and Databricks for an interactive discussion on how to accelerate data-driven transformation, enabling a patient-centric experience powered by AI.

In this on-demand session, you’ll learn how to be successful with data and AI in healthcare. Discussion topics include:

  • Choosing the right technologies to operationalize analytics and AI at scale
  • Understanding algorithmic biases in AI and conceptualizing a framework to evaluate
  • Considering the clinician’s interaction with AI technologies
  • Reviewing real-world examples of advanced analytics in a clinical setting