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Legacy tools and data silos hinder the analytics that help you optimize your supply chain. They also prevent the single view of the customer that drives innovation. That’s why many manufacturers are migrating to the Databricks Lakehouse for Manufacturing. With this platform, they’re delivering precise service outcomes in the field, optimizing supply chain operations, boosting productivity and innovating at the speed of data.

Watch to learn more about the lakehouse and how Corning is using the lakehouse to make critical decisions that minimize manual inspections, lower shipping costs and increase customer satisfaction.

You’ll learn how the lakehouse can help you achieve:

  • 90% lower cost for new manufacturing lines
  • 50x faster time to insight
  • 5%-10% reduction in unplanned downtime and cost
  • Streaming IoT data from millions of assets



Denis Kamotsky

Principal Software Engineer



Shiv Trisal

Global Industry Director - Manufacturing & Logistics



Sam Steiny

Principal Industry Marketing Manager - Retail & Manufacturing