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Intro to a Modern Marketing Analytics Stack

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Today’s organizations have access to unprecedented volumes of marketing data — data that can vastly improve customer experiences and unlock greater levels of efficiency. However, only 53% of marketing decisions are influenced by analytics1. To make data-driven decisions, organizations need a modern data stack that captures, stores and processes heterogenous customer data efficiently.

Centralizing this vast array of data into a single platform greatly reduces the operational burden on data engineering while enabling marketing analytics to access rich customer data without latency. Join Databricks and Fivetran, and learn the benefits of investing in a modern marketing analytics stack, best practices and how to avoid common pitfalls. We’ll specifically cover how to:

  • Centralize the modern marketing analytics stack on the lakehouse for data warehousing, SQL, BI and AI/ML
  • Build automated data pipelines that integrate data from 60+ marketing sources into the lakehouse
  • Connect analytics teams to raw data in real time to reveal insights for better marketing campaigns
  • Power more advanced ML use cases such as churn prediction and personalized recommendations

You’ll also see how easily a modern marketing analytics stack comes to life with a demo and success stories.

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Product Manager