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Introducing the Data Intelligence Platform for Communications

Unleash the full power of AI

Increase productivity and reduce costs

The Databricks Data Intelligence Platform is the first unified platform for the communications industry. Find out how it can help you bring the power of AI to your data and people. Watch this replay of a recent webinar featuring Databricks co-founder Arsalan Tavakoli. 

You’ll discover how to:

  • Create more meaningful customer engagements 
  • Reduce cost to serve and operate at scale 
  • Ramp up productivity by gaining access to real-time, streaming data
  • Increase predictability and precision across your operations


arsalan tavakoli profile picture

Arsalan Tavakoli

Co-founder & SVP of Field Engineering


steve sobel speaker image

Steve Sobel

Global Lead — Communications, Media & Entertainment


manish dasaur speaker image

Manish Dasaur

Chief Data and Analytics Officer — Communications and Media


Scott engle speaker image

Scott Engle

SVP — Enterprise Business Intelligence


matt crawley speaker image

Matt Crawley

Chief Data Officer


Adam hotchkiss

Adam Hotchkiss

Co-founder & SVP of Customer Solutions