Introducing dbt with Databricks

Data transformation in the lakehouse made simple

Available on-demand

We’re bringing analytics engineering with dbt to your data lakehouse to make it easier than ever to manage all your data in one place. The native, SQL-first integration between Databricks and dbt Cloud is now available in just a few clicks. Analytics teams can collaborate in the same workspace as data engineers and data scientists to build production-grade data transformation pipelines on the lakehouse. No more waiting for critical data to be accessible in SQL, no more unreliable dashboards and no more separate data warehouses.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Create a data model in dbt using data in Delta Lake
  • Build autonomous ELT pipelines for analytics and BI workflows
  • Test and deploy your own data models
  • Collaborate using the same data trusted by your data science counterparts



Amy Chen

Senior Partner Engineer

dbt Labs


Jason Pohl

Principal Solution Architect



Felippe Felisola Caso

Senior Business Analytics Manager


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