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Modernize Your Data Warehouse

A migration journey to the Databricks Lakehouse Platform

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Modern business requires agile decision-making with real-time data analytics. Innovation hinges on predictive insights generated from machine learning and AI. ETL and data warehouse infrastructures are simply not able to keep up with the growing volume, variety and velocity of data, or the need of business to gain advanced insights across enterprise data silos of disparate data marts and data warehouses. Innovation remains a pipedream.

Hundreds of companies have already moved their traditional ETL and data warehouse workloads to the Databricks Lakehouse Platform in the cloud. Join us to learn more about why the lakehouse is your next data warehouse — and to better understand the architecture, customers’ modernization journeys, and how to plan and execute your data warehouse migration to Databricks.

In this webinar, we will feature:

  • Why the Lakehouse is your next Data Warehouse
  • How Databricks experts can help you plan a comprehensive EDW and ETL migration process
  • How to implement your migration and highlight some key migration partners
  • Live Q&As throughout the presentation



Soham Bhatt

Migration Lead SA



Amit Kara

Technical Marketing Director