Partner Tech Talk Series

Exclusive for Databricks Partners

The Partner Tech Talk series shares the latest Databricks product updates, previews, and upcoming features, plus highlights best practices and architecture recommendations.


Next Webinar: May 1, 2024 from 8:00–9:00 AM PT

Go-to-Market with Brickbuilder Solutions

Databricks collaborates with consulting partners to build innovative solutions for industry, migration, and data and AI use cases. Based on a foundation of proven customer deployments, Databricks Brickbuilder Solutions and Accelerators package partners' delivery excellence and technical knowledge into pre-built code, modular frameworks, and custom services to help them unlock the full potential of the Databricks Data Intelligence Platform to boost productivity and extract value from data. 

In this Tech Talk:

  • Understand what is a Brickbuilder and how it helps us to jointly innovate, grow consumption and services dollars, and penetrate the market
  • Learn about the prerequisites and process to develop an effective Brickbuilder
  • Discover Databricks tools and resources to help you bring your Brickbuilder to market and create customer demand

May 2024 Speaker

Christine Gauthier

Christine Gauthier

Global Brickbuilder Partner Solutions Director


On-Demand Webinars: 

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January 2024: Unity Catalog Migration Kit

Presented on January 10: The Databricks Professional Services Team provided an overview of the Databricks UC Migration Delivery Kit, which includes templates, checklists, and best practices to help you seamlessly deliver client UC migration projects. 

February 2024: Databricks SQL

Presented on February 7: DB SQL Product Specialist Kyle Hale detailed the benefits of Databricks SQL, including its unified governance model and how to best utilize it to achieve 12x better price/performance with clients.

March 2024: LLM Delivery Kit

Presented on March 3: Director of Machine Learning Brooke Wenig shared the new LLM Delivery Kit, which equips you with best practices, tools, and techniques to help you win and deliver LLM use cases to customers.

April 2024: DBRX Announcement + LLM Evaluation

Presented on April 3: Lead Specialist Solutions Architect Tim Lortz detailed Databricks' new state-of-the-art, open LLM, DBRX. DBRX is a transformer-based decoder-only LLM that was trained using next-token prediction.