Performance-Tuning Best Practices on the Lakehouse

Inside the life of a query

Have you heard all the buzz about the lakehouse, and are you wondering what happens under the hood? How does data come in, how do you lay out and refine it for best query performance, how do you run queries, what happens during query execution and how do you optimize for world-class performance and results?

Join this webinar to discover the life of a query on Databricks SQL. This webinar includes demos, live Q&As and lessons learned in the field so you can dive in and find out how to harness all the power of the Lakehouse Platform.

In this webinar, you’ll learn how to:

  • Quickly and easily ingest business-critical data into your lakehouse and continuously refine data with optimized Delta tables for best performance — no tuning required
  • Write, share and reuse queries with a native first-class SQL development experience on Databricks SQL — and unlock maximum productivity
  • Get full transparency and visibility into query execution with an in-depth breakdown of operation-level details so you can dive in



Franco Patano

Sr. Solutions Architect



Lucas Cerdan

Sr. Product Manager