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Databricks Quarterly Product Roadmap

Exclusive Look Into Databricks’ Roadmap

New features are coming fast, and there are numerous ways to stay informed. Watch this product roadmap webinar presented by Databricks.

You’ll learn:

  • The most exciting upcoming features across all key products — from generative AI, data engineering, data warehousing and data streaming workloads to governance, sharing, security and storage platform innovation


  • Erika Ehrli, Senior Director of Product Marketing, Databricks
  • Nicolas Pelaez, Staff Technical Marketing Manager, Databricks
  • Sachin Thakur, Principal Product Marketing Manager, Databricks
  • Kevin Clugage, Principal Product Marketing Engineer, Databricks
  • Matt Jones, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Databricks
  • Giselle Goicochea, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Databricks
  • Jackie Zhang, Sr. Technical Marketing Manager, Databricks

We highlighted the top new features from last quarter and discussed the most requested features for the upcoming quarter.

This event is for current customers of Databricks.