Virtual workshop

Reinventing the Telco Consumer Experience With Data + AI

Learn how to decrease churn, improve service and create new revenue streams

Available on-demand

Personalize, monetize, and innovate in the communications industry to decrease churn, improve service, and create new revenue streams for network operators

From wearables to autonomous vehicles to telemedicine to video streaming, connectivity and AI are at the core of growth industries in the next decade. While this would seem like the golden era for Communication Service Providers (CSPs), increased competition plus increasing investments in the next generation of wireless broadband also mean less reliable revenue streams just as multi-billion-dollar network investments have to be made.

In this on-demand workshop, learn how CSPs from pay TV, wireless, and the emerging connectivity space are using Databricks on everything from network analytics to predictive maintenance on IoT –reducing subscriber churn and increasing average revenue per subscriber.

The Databricks Technical Director for Media and Communications will walk-through solution accelerators around Customer 360, including:

  • Using survival analysis to understand when and possibly why customers abandon subscription services
  • Predicting customer churn at key stages in the subscription lifecycle