Delta Live Tables: Modern software engineering and management for ETL

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To drive data analysis, data science and machine learning, data engineers have the difficult and laborious task of cleansing complex, diverse data and transforming it into a usable source. To do so, they need to know the ins and outs of the data infrastructure platform, and it requires the building of complex queries in various languages, stitching them together for production. For many organizations, this complexity limits their ability to utilize these critical downstream use cases.

Watch this webinar to learn how Delta Live Tables simplifies the complexity of data transformation and ETL. Delta Live Tables (DLT) is the first ETL framework to use modern software engineering practices to deliver reliable and trusted data pipelines at any scale.

In this webinar, you will learn how Delta Live Tables enables:

  • Analysts and data engineers to innovate rapidly with simple pipeline development and maintenance
  • Data teams to remove operational complexity by automating administrative tasks and gaining broader visibility into pipeline operations
  • Trust your data with built-in quality controls and quality monitoring to ensure accurate and useful BI, data science, and ML
  • Simplified batch and streaming with self-optimization and auto-scaling data pipelines



Michael Armbrust

Distinguished Software Engineer


Abhay Prajapati

Abhay Prajapati

Principal Data Solutions Architect