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Transform analytics workflows on the lakehouse

How to use dbt Cloud on Databricks

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Data engineering has gotten messy. Your analytics teams must overcome data silos, disjointed architectures and inconsistent governance as they modernize their data stack. Find out how Databricks and dbt simplify accessing and managing data for faster time to insights by enabling teams to build production-grade data transformation pipelines on the lakehouse.

Watch Databricks and dbt to:

  • Learn best practices to build a modern data stack 
  • Explore real-world examples of customers using dbt on Databricks
  • Watch an in-depth product demo of the latest dbt integrations on Databricks 
  • Engage in Q&A with Databricks and dbt experts



Can Efeoglu

Product Manager


Pradeep Anandapu

Pradeep Anandapu

Sr. Staff Solutions Architect



Amy Chen

Partner Engineering

dbt Labs


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