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Real-Time Point-of-Sale Analytics

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Calculate real-time inventories across multiple store locations to improve retail margins

Point-of-sale analytics is the process of collecting and analyzing data from the processing of transactions at a retail store. When a customer checks out, the data from that transaction feeds into several categories: inventory, sales, product, customer and staff.

With volatility in the market and narrowing margins in retail, POS analytics is critical for retailers to ensure they are running their inventory management program as effectively as possible. If a POS system stores and reports data about inventory, retailers are able to have a better idea of what they’re selling, what they’re storing and what isn’t moving.

Get started with our Solution Accelerator for Real-Time Point-of-Sale Analytics to improve in-store operations by:

  • Rapidly ingesting all data sources and types at scale
  • Building highly scalable streaming data pipelines with Delta Live Tables to obtain a real-time view of your operation
  • Leveraging real-time insights to tackle your most pressing in-store information needs
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