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Lakehouse for companies born in the cloud

Build and scale data, analytics and AI capabilities faster on one high-performing data platform


You’re laser focused on overcoming scalability challenges with data. The faster you grow, the more complex your data becomes — and the more urgent it becomes to innovate faster. The Databricks Lakehouse Platform is the simple, cost-efficient approach to data, analytics and AI — making thousands of digital native businesses more productive.


Innovate with open source flexibility

Use your data however and wherever you want — no vendor lock-in. Apache Spark™ developers created the lakehouse with open formats and APIs.
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Build scalable data workloads

Ensure reliable, lightning-fast performance on ETL workloads — for streaming and batch data — while Databricks automatically manages your infrastructure.
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Access data insights faster

Ingest, transform and query all your data in one place. Stop managing servers and scale on demand with serverless. Up to 12x better price/performance.
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Develop next-gen apps with ML

Speed up your ML lifecycle from experimentation to production. Boost productivity with tools like collaborative notebooks, MLflow and MLOps.
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High-performing, scalable ETL pipelines

Build an end-to-end data engineering and ETL platform that lets you focus on delivering valuable insights on any cloud. No more building and maintaining pipelines or running ETL workloads.

Leverage production-ready tools including Delta Live Tables, Unity Catalog and Workflows.

Enjoy robust Git integration, orchestration and data quality controls.

Unify batch and streaming operations on a simplified architecture, and streamline data pipeline development and testing.

Ensure data quality and enhanced data skipping with Delta Lake — an open source file protocol usable by Apache Spark, Trino, Presto, Flink and more.

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SQL analytics and data warehousing

Easily ingest, transform and query all your data in one place to deliver real-time business insights faster.

Run all your SQL and BI applications at scale with up to 12x better price/performance. Ensure data governance and security.

Handle high concurrency with fully managed load balancing and scaling of compute resources.

Leverage open formats and APIs, and the ingestion, transformation and BI tools of your choice with custom-built connectors.

Reduce resource management overhead with serverless compute.

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Innovative machine learning

Accelerate ML and data science by improving productivity and collaboration on the lakehouse.

Leverage collaboration tools and options for glass-box AutoML.

Prepare, process and manage data and features in a self-service manner — as well as manage models — and with a hosted Feature Store.

Standardize the ML lifecycle from experimentation to production through MLflow to track model parameter, metrics and iterations over time.

Deploy models in a batch or with serverless real-time REST endpoints.

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The Data Team’s Guide to the Databricks Lakehouse Platform

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