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Databricks for the Healthcare Industry


Deliver patient-centric care with the power of data and AI

Bringin Analytics and AI into the Clinical Setting

Data and AI are revolutionizing how healthcare organizations treat patients and deliver value for the broader population.

Databricks empowers healthcare organizations to solve some of their hardest problems by unifying data analytics and machine learning to unlock precision care, improve patient engagement and streamline administration processes.

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Leading healthcare organizations use Databricks to drive innovation in patient care

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Why Databricks for healthcare

Icon Genomics

Unlock health data and break data silos

Connect structured and unstructured data from EHRs, wearables, imaging platforms, genome sequencers and more to deliver a complete view into patient health.

Icon Clinical Data

Patient insights at population scale

Better predict health risks with analytics and AI that scale for millions of patient records in the cloud.

Icon Aid Kit

Deliver reproducibility and compliance

Collaborative analytics workspaces that bring data teams together while streamlining the machine learning lifecycle and providing regulatory-grade MLOps.

Use cases

Across the healthcare landscape, data and AI is providing insights and predictive capabilities to personalize care, automate claims and payment processing, and improve patient engagement.

Production Ready

Administrative process automation

Automate the analysis of claims and EHR data to streamline administrative workflows.

  • Claims and revenue cycle automation
  • Fraud and waste detection
  • Optimize staffing and operations

Population health

Predict broader health risks by analyzing social, behavioral and environmental factors at scale.

  • Identify the impact of social determinants of health
  • Identify and manage undiagnosed chronic disease
  • Build predictive risk models
Icon Medical IOT

Patient engagement

Optimize patient care cycles by creating tailored experiences.

  • Reduce churn through Member 360
  • Reduce healthcare costs with benefits recommendations
  • Proactively monitor patient health with digital apps

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