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Data Analytics and Machine Learning for the Technology and Software Industry

Bring new technologies to market faster with big data analytics and machine learning.


Develop Next Generation Technology Solutions with Data Analytics and AI

Enabling technology and software companies to tap into the potential of data and machine learning to develop new technologies and applications that customers crave — powered by the Databricks Unified Data Analytics Platform.

Reliable Data Lakes

Product development and support

Analyze customer and market data to identify new product features and predict customer support needs for early intervention and remediation.

Enterprise Security

Security Monitoring

Analyze product and network data in real-time to detect anomalies and respond to threats before they impact application and system performance.

Predictive maintenance

Predictive maintenance

From the factory floor to products in the field, analyze streaming IoT data to predict maintenance needs before they occur.


Customer Talk

Automating Support Ticket Forecasting with Databricks, Delta Lake and MLflow

Learn how Atlassian built a robust, fault-tolerant, auditable, and reproducible ML pipeline for predicting support tickets at a granular level.

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Customer Talk

How Salesforce Uses Apache Spark and Databricks to Power Intelligent Services

Watch this Spark + AI Summit talk to learn how Salesforce uses Apache Spark and Databricks to discover new insights, power smarter decision making, and automate development workflows.

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Customer Keynote

Threat Detection at Petabyte-scale

Watch this Spark + AI Summit keynote to learn how one of the largest tech companies in the world uses Databricks to monitor cyber threats in real-time.

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Case Study

Using AI to Uncover Revenue Opportunities

Read how uses machine learning to help enterprise customers drive actionable insights that uncover revenue opportunities.

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“Databricks Unified Analytics Platform has helped foster collaboration across our data science and engineering teams which has impacted innovation and productivity.”

—John Landry, Distinguished Technologist, HP, Inc.

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