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Deutsche Börse rises on data + AI

Deutsche Börse is delivering data products to market participants in a secure and governed way. Processes that used to take several days can now be completed within a few minutes. Find out how.

Average time savings to extract insights from datasets

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Every company is a data + AI company

Discover how innovative companies across every industry are leveraging the Databricks Data Intelligence Platform to innovate faster, build better products and operate more efficiently.

12xreduction in compute cost

Square powers commerce on data + AI

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300Kframes of in-game action per match

LALIGA wins on data + AI

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>50TBflight data generated daily

JetBlue soars on data + AI

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Data + AI = Data Intelligence

Your future success rides on how you unlock data + AI. Today’s most innovative companies use data intelligence to ask questions of their data with natural language, build their own powerful AI applications, and fine-tune and train their own models — all without sacrificing governance and security.

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You're a Data + AI Company

Learn how data intelligence democratizes data + AI

Success stories from a global survey of CIOs, CDOs and CTOs on how they’re bringing breakthrough data intelligence to every role in their business

You're a Data + AI Company

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