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Trek joyrides on data + AI

Trek Bicycle strives to make the world better by encouraging more people to ride bikes. Trek turns to data and AI to empower their retailers to make that a reality.

acceleration in runtime of retail analytics solution

Trek joyrides on data + AI

Every company is a data + AI company

Discover how innovative companies across every industry are leveraging the Databricks Data Intelligence Platform to innovate faster, build better products and operate more efficiently.

2–3hours saved weekly with Delta Lake

Asana accelerates work on data + AI

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Asana customer image
12xreduction in compute cost

Square powers commerce on data + AI

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Compass closes on data + AI

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Compass closes on data + AI

Data + AI = Data Intelligence

Your future success rides on how you unlock data + AI. Today’s most innovative companies use data intelligence to ask questions of their data with natural language, build their own powerful AI applications, and fine-tune and train their own models — all without sacrificing governance and security.

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You're a Data + AI Company

Learn how data intelligence democratizes data + AI

Success stories from a global survey of CIOs, CDOs and CTOs on how they’re bringing breakthrough data intelligence to every role in their business.

A large, colorful book cover with a futuristic cityscape and AI-related graphics.

Discover best practices for building production-quality GenAI applications

Find out how to deploy your first application and build your own custom large language model trained on your data — and everything in between. Get your copy of the eBook.

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