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Virgin Australia flies
on data + AI

By leveraging the Databricks Data Intelligence Platform, Virgin Australia saw a 75% increase in real-time data and a 44% reduction in mishandled baggage.

faster deployment of ML models

Virgin Australia

Every company is a data + AI company

Discover how innovative companies across every industry are leveraging the Databricks Data Intelligence Platform to innovate faster, build better products and operate more efficiently.

91%accuracy predicting the audience

7plus streams big on data + AI

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50%better runtime performance

Rivian drives on data + AI

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12xreduction in compute cost

Square powers commerce on data + AI

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Data + AI = Data Intelligence

Today’s most innovative companies use data intelligence to ask questions of their data with natural language, build their own powerful AI applications, and fine-tune and train their own models — all without sacrificing governance and security.

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You're a Data + AI Company

Learn how data intelligence democratizes data + AI

Success stories from a global survey of CIOs, CDOs and CTOs on how they’re bringing breakthrough data intelligence to every role in their business.

A large, colorful book cover with a futuristic cityscape and AI-related graphics.

Discover best practices for building production-quality GenAI applications

Find out how to deploy your first application and build your own custom large language model trained on your data — and everything in between. Get your copy of the eBook.

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