Data analytics and machine learning in the gaming industry

Harness the power of big data and AI to deliver personalized gaming experiences

The gaming company of the future must move quickly to stay ahead of gamer expectations. Databricks helps gaming companies bring in disparate batch and streaming data sources together throughout the gamer life cycle to drive gamer acquisition, engagement, and retention.

Gaming industry leaders are using
Databricks to innovate faster

Jam City


Jam City builds more advanced user segments to personalize around most profitable customers

Riot Games


Riot Games processes petabytes of streaming data to improve Quality of Service and provide personalized offers



Zynga automates predictive modeling

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What’s new in data analytics and AI for gaming

Why Databricks for gaming

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Leverage real time and batch for better in-game experiences

Harness both streaming and batch workloads to gain a holistic view of your data in for real-time actionable insights and machine learning.

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Drive business outcomes with the power of data team collaboration

Data silos and non-shareable data tools make it difficult for data scientists, engineers and analysts to work together, resulting in slower speed to market for innovation. Databricks’ collaborative workspace for data and AI means continuous, fast innovation.

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Scale up or down (nearly infinite compute power on demand)

Massive computation processing in short times to analyze structured and unstructured data. Cost savings from no longer needing to overprovision based on spike projections.

Use cases

From driving user acquisition and predicting churn to making smarter production decisions around your most valuable users, Databricks helps gaming companies understand their audience and content better than ever.

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Gamer acquisition and experience

Create a personalized, frictionless journey to move gamers from anonymous to superfan.
Ad click-through analysis
Real-time ad targeting
Recommendation engine
Churn prediction and prevention
Quality of service analysis

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Gamer monetization and sentiment

Leverage insights to increase gamer lifetime value, find look-alike gamers and drive growth.
Player 360/gamer lifetime value
Player performance tracking
Product placement and pricing
Social sentiment analysis
Next best offer/product

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Game development lifecycle

Use big data and AI to drive game design through enhanced insights and predictive intelligence.
Game design
Game snowballing
Gameplay insights
Image analytics/toxicity analysis
Loyalty promotions

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