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On a rainy and foggy Saturday morning, April 30th, in McLean, VA., more than 275 Apache Spark enthusiasts, forsaking the comfort of Saturday sleep-in, eagerly lined up at 8:00 am to register for an all-day inaugural Spark Saturday DC Meetup at Capital One’s headquarters. That is an affirmation that Apache Spark’s fervor is tangible, its hunger insatiable, and its popularity uncontested.

A Databricks t-shirt reads: “May the Spark with you.” So it was for the entire day—and so was the voice of its “Father.”

Thanks to Capital One (host), MetiStream, and Databricks as major organizers, this all-day community event was a success—with seven tech-talks, training, speakers’ panel Q & A, and happy hour.

Here are some highlights, broken down into architecture, Spark use-cases, and miscellaneous.


Machine Learning, Data Science & Spark Use Cases


In summation, Spark Saturday DC was a fun worth-while community event. Attendees have posted nothing but complimentary comments on the Meetup page and on the @SparkSaturdayDC/#SparkSaturdayDC.

Again, we want to thank our hosts and one of the organizers Capital One and their team for executing this community event, along with MetiStream and everyone who volunteered and attended for making this inaugural event a huge success.

What’s Next

We are planning with other Spark Meetup Organizers for our next Spark Saturday in other cities. Stay tuned.

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