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We are very excited today as we announce a partnership between Databricks and Looker. We have seen customers using these products together to provide an easy and intuitive way for business users to visualize and discover the powerful analytics results of Apache Spark. Using Looker and Databricks, you can experience the following benefits:

  • Easy to Use – Make analysts productive instantly through easy to use visualizations
  • Fastest User Adoption – Enable widespread use of analytics throughout your organization through fast user adoption
  • Process More Data Faster - Provides the fastest implementation of Spark by using Databricks
  • Answer Your Toughest Questions - Run the most complex analytics problems, providing answers to your toughest questions. (See this benchmarking study)
  • Bigger Insights, More Intuitively - Easy to use on your toughest problems makes bigger insights more intuitive
  • Game Changing Insights – Make complex analytical answers available to more users to drive cross-company insights that change the game

Spark is the fastest analytics processing engine available. Databricks provides the Unified Analytics Platform, built on Spark by the inventors of Spark. It is performance tuned to run 7-10 times faster than vanilla spark, plus it has advanced security and content connectors. The Unified Analytics Platform provides a collaborative platform for data scientists, data engineers, and business users. It enables data scientists to create and run analytical models, including machine learning and artificial intelligence. It enables data engineers to run scheduled projects to extract, join and cleanup data. Its performance and flexibility make ETL one of Databricks’ most popular use cases.

When you combine the analytics power of Databricks with the intuitive, user-friendly interface of Looker, you provide a way for business users throughout your organization to use analytics to realize deeper insights and make better business decisions.

You can learn more about how customers are using Looker and Databricks together in this webinar, entitled “5 Keys to Build Machine Learning and Visualization Into Your Application.” John Huang, engineering and data analytics lead at Handshake will show how he used Looker and Databricks to build a recommendation engine into the Handshake application, incorporating machine learning and visualization without an army of data scientists and programmers.

For more details on how to integrate Looker and Databricks, see the Implementation Guide.

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