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Powering innovation on AWS in life sciences, public sector, machine learning, and big data analytics.

Databricks, founded by the original creators of Apache SparkTM, is proud to be a Platinum sponsor at AWS re:Invent. Stop by booth #416 to grab some cool schwag and see demos of MLflow, TensorFlow, Apache Spark, and other  technologies that are accelerating innovation at a growing number of companies, including HP, Shell, and NBCUniversal.

The AWS Competency Program is designed to highlight Amazon Partners that have demonstrated technical proficiency and customer success in specialized solution areas.

Here’s a quick overview of Databricks’ AWS Competencies:

Databricks was recently recognized as an AWS Life Sciences Competency Partner, highlighting our success building innovative data analytics and machine learning solutions for Life Sciences organizations. Our Life Sciences solutions expand on the core capabilities of our Unified Analytics Platform with industry-specific toolsets to serve use cases across the drug development and precision medicine lifecycles.

Our first offering, the Databricks Unified Analytics Platform for Genomics, is designed to provide the scale and speed bioinformatics teams need to accelerate drug discovery and deliver precision care. Fully-managed in the AWS cloud, the platform provides collaborative workspaces for cross-disciplinary biomedical and pharmaceutical teams – from bioinformaticians to computational biologists to physician-scientists – to easily access, analyze, and extract novel insights from large volumes of genomic, imaging, and clinical datasets. The solution provides prebuilt best practice genomic pipelines and popular tertiary analytics tools in a secure, HIPAA compliant environment.

Customers including Regeneron, Sanford Health and the Human Longevity Institute have adopted Databricks to drastically scale and improve performance of their genomics workflows on AWS. Learn more about their use cases at our booth #416 at re:Invent.

The Databricks Unified Analytics Platform makes it easy for data science and engineering teams to collaborate with business teams around big data analytics and AI. We're focused on removing the challenges associated with AI adoption so that more businesses can fully harness its benefits.

Our AWS Machine Learning Competency highlights our expertise in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. With the Databricks Unified Analytics Platform, data scientists and machine learning practitioners are empowered to analyze data at scale, train and deploy models with ease, and build powerful predictive applications.

A growing number of customers including Riot Games and Viacom have already delivered on innovative AI use cases with Databricks and AWS. Stop by booth #416 at re:Invent for a demo.

Data and analytics has become a strong competitive differentiator for most organizations. As an AWS Data & Analytics Competency Partner, Databricks has demonstrated success helping AWS customers improve the productivity of their data teams and draw insights from their data.

Transforming data into usable information can involve multiple tools and technologies. The Databricks Unified Analytics platform removes these obstacles, making it easy for organizations to turn data into value, from ingest through production, without the hassle of managing complex infrastructure, systems and tools. Visit our our booth #416 at re:Invent to learn more.

From providing better social services to preventing national threats, government agencies rely on secure, efficient and large-scale data processing and analysis to carry out their duties.

The Databricks Unified Analytics platform, recognized for it’s robust security model, has been available on the AWS GovCloud, an isolated AWS region designed to host sensitive and regulated data in the cloud, since 2016 and has the Authority to Operate in the AWS Commercial Cloud Service (C2S) for highly sensitive workflows. Databricks on AWS empowers government agencies to securely build and deploy advanced analytics solutions to meet a broad range of public sector use cases.

Visit our booth #416 at re:Invent to learn how we help government agencies simplify, scale and accelerate data analytics and AI for mission critical applications.

Make sure to check out reinvent to catch up on our latest announcements, demos and sessions taking place at re:Invent. If you're not able to visit us at re:Invent, stop by for our latest case studies, ebooks and customer webinars.