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Databricks on AWS allows you to store and manage all your data on a simple, open lakehouse platform that combines the best of data warehouses and data lakes to unify all your analytics and AI workloads.

Why Databricks on AWS?

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Databricks enables a single, unified data architecture on S3 for SQL analytics, data science and machine learning

Production Ready

12x better price/performance

Get data warehouse performance at data lake economics through SQL-optimized compute clusters

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Thousands of customers have implemented Databricks on AWS to provide a game-changing analytics platform that addresses all analytics and AI use cases

Featured integrations


AWS Graviton

Databricks clusters support AWS Graviton instances. These instances use AWS-designed Graviton processors that are built on top of the Arm64 instruction set architecture. AWS claims that instance types with these processors have the best price/performance ratio of any instance type on Amazon EC2. Read more

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