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Extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures. That’s why we transformed this year’s Spark + AI Summit into a fully virtual experience and opened the doors to welcome everyone, free of charge. This gives us the opportunity to turn Summit into a truly global event, bringing together tens of thousands of data scientists, engineers and analysts from around the world in what will be a defining moment for data teams.

2020 Spark + AI Summit -- free, virtual event for data teams

Already the largest event of its kind for data teams, this year’s digital conference will be bigger than ever, drawing a worldwide audience who will tune in to collaborate, connect and explore the latest advances in data science, data engineering, machine learning and AI. Expanded to five days — June 22–26 — and featuring more than 200 sessions with live keynotes, interactive demos and panels, plus 4x the amount of training, this Summit may be virtual but its impact will be real.

Data Teams Unite!

We believe that everyone — from startups to large enterprises — needs to unleash their data teams so they can solve the complex challenges we face as businesses, people and as a planet. Recent events only underscore the urgency to tackle the biggest challenges by empowering data teams with the data, the tools, and the platform they need.

That’s why the theme of this year’s summit is Data Teams Unite! Today, teams are often dispersed geographically — and right now many of them are working remotely — but our platform, based on open source technologies, unites them wherever they are

Summit represents a one-of-a-kind opportunity for data teams to connect with each other, share knowledge and discover new technologies. Summit will showcase our vision of flexible, agile data teams who can collaborate from anywhere, work independently and tackle a wide range of projects that once required highly specialized skills.

You might not yet call yourselves a data team, but practitioners at Summit will find the lines between personas blurring and discover the value of unified teams for collaborating and innovating. Data scientists, engineers and analysts will have a range of opportunities to broaden their skill sets, hone best practices and explore the growing interdependencies between their roles and other members of the data team. You’ll also find a wealth of sessions and tutorials on key topics in data and AI including machine learning and MLOps, AI applications, data science and analytics, data engineering and architecture, data management and data pipelines, performance and scalability, and open source technologies.

Best of all, this year’s Summit is free so register your entire data team now. No travel required. Join tens of thousands of practitioners — data scientists, engineers, analysts, machine learning pros — and business leaders as we shape the future of Big Data, AI, and open-source technologies like Apache Spark™, Delta Lake, and MLflow.