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Spark + AI Summit Europe is Expanding and Getting a New Name: Data + AI Summit Europe

Ali Ghodsi
Reynold Xin
Matei Zaharia

September 2, 2020 in Company Blog

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Back in 2013, we held the first Spark Summit — a gathering of the Apache Spark™ community with leading contributors and production users sharing their wisdom. Since the first event, Spark’s success has accelerated the evolution of data science, data engineering and analytics. As the data community has expanded, we’ve evolved the content and the name -- including speakers such as Jeff Dean (of Google fame) and Adam Pazske (PyTorch). Most recently, we held the Spark + AI Summit in June as a global event that brought together 40,000 attendees from data teams around the world to shape the future of big data, analytics and artificial intelligence (AI). We usually follow this up later in the year with another Spark + AI Summit timed for the European audience, but this year we’ve decided to expand the event and to evolve the name once more.

In November 2020, we’re excited to launch the inaugural Data + AI Summit Europe, officially expanding Spark + AI Summit content and community to include all things data, with a focus on the best open source technologies for building enterprise data applications!

What about Spark?

Spark represents the cornerstone of the Data + AI Summit community. Over the last 10 years, Apache Spark has quickly become the open standard for large scale data processing. It is widely adopted, and is supported by an active global community that we remain deeply committed to. Data + AI Summit Europe will continue to be the home for the Spark community to gather, share ideas and accelerate the development and adoption of Spark. We’ll have a new Apache Spark track, and will also continue to include Spark content, speakers and activities throughout the event, just as we always have.

Over the last 10 years, data analysts, data scientists and others have joined the Spark community and are working on teams solving complex data challenges. Born out of this community are key open source technologies such as Delta Lake, MLflow, Redash and Koalas - all of which are growing rapidly. We’ve widened the conference program to cover all of these technologies and many others - including Spark - in more depth, and have adapted the name to be more inclusive of the communities starting to form around them.

We invite data scientists, data engineers, analysts, developers, chief data officers, industry experts, researchers and ML practitioners to attend the Summit and learn from the world's leading experts on topics such as:

  • AI Uses Cases and New Opportunities
  • Best Practices and Use Cases for Apache Spark, Delta Lake, MLflow
  • Data Engineering, including streaming architectures
  • SQL Analytics and business intelligence (BI) using data warehouses and data lakes
  • Data Science, including the Python ecosystem
  • Machine Learning and Deep Learning Applications
  • Productionizing Machine Learning (MLOps)
  • Research on large-scale data analytics and ML
  • Industry Use Cases

First Data + AI Summit Europe: 17-19 November

Formerly known as Spark + AI Summit, the Data + AI Summit Europe will take place virtually from 17-19 November. We’ll explore how data teams are increasingly working as one — performing BI, ML and AI concurrently by leveraging advanced technologies like Apache Spark 3.0, Delta Lake and MLflow. While the program will be optimized for European timezones, data scientists, data analysts, data engineers and data leaders across the globe are expected to participate because of this virtual format and free general admission. Register here to be one of the first to hear when it’s open for registration.

Call for Presentations Now Open

With the evolution of the conference name and broadened program, we’re delighted to open the call for presentations. The call for presentations is open now and until 13 September 11:59PM PDT.

We’re especially interested in more ideas for sessions on Delta Lake and SQL Analytics,MLflow and MLOps, Machine Learning and Deep Learning with PyTorch and TensorFlow, etc.

Interested in speaking? Submit your talk now

We really hope you can join us for the inaugural Data + AI Summit Europe in November!

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