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This is a collaborative post from Accenture and Databricks. We thank Matt Arellano, Managing Director, Global Data & AI Ecosystem Lead -- Accenture, for his contributions.

To keep pace with the competition and address customer demands, companies are looking to quickly bring new capabilities to the market, boost innovation and scale more efficiently. Customers set out to achieve these results by leveraging the cloud to set a strong foundation for their digital transformation and deliver greater value at speed and scale. But today, most businesses have a significant amount of investments and data already stored on their on-premises systems. Currently only 20% of businesses are in the cloud, moving the other 80% rapidly and cost-effectively is a big change that requires bold new solutions and services.

For a company to successfully move to a cloud provider, such as Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud Platform, the first thing they need to address is the current state of data, which is difficult to access, maintain and manage when it is siloed and fragmented across legacy systems. Therefore, IT needs a unified cloud data architecture that supports various data types which is easily manageable, efficient and future-proof.

Having a streamlined data platform brings together everything needed to innovate -- data, people, partners, processes and technology. To facilitate innovation, organizations can leverage the Databricks Lakehouse Platform, supported by an open architecture that combines the best data management features of data lakes and data warehouses on low cost storage. By implementing a lakehouse architecture, organizations are able to derive value from their data lake quickly and easily by sharing data securely, analyzing data at scale and applying machine-learning models effectively.

Accenture offerings built on Lakehouse

Through our partnership with Accenture, we've helped many businesses architect and migrate to the data lakehouse. Organizations such as Navy Federal Credit Union and Nationwide have benefitted from the Databricks Lakehouse Platform with Accenture's unparalleled expertise, services and accelerators. Many of our joint customers have been able to innovate faster, break-down data-silos with agile and adaptive processes and enable data-driven decision making to solve real-world problems.

Watch this video to see how Databricks and Accenture are partnering to help clients leverage insights from data and optimize their business models.

We continue to heavily invest and partner together on training and development in order to help businesses innovate toward their future and become disruptive. This means a dedicated innovation center staffed by Accenture Databricks experts who are working every day to create reusable assets, accelerators, and solutions to ensure a faster time to market. For example, Accenture and Databricks have partnered together to help clients operationalize ML at scale and adopt AI throughout their business at an innovation rate 3x faster than the typical product life cycle. While every solution is already fine-tuned for a specific industry and function, each can be quickly tailored to solve unique client challenges.

Together, we are just scratching the surface of the data platform evolution and are excited to continue to partner with Accenture to help businesses innovate toward their future.

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The Databricks and Accenture partnership combine Accenture's AI expertise, data services, and IP with the Databricks Lakehouse Platform. Our scalable, modular solutions minimize time to market and maximize business impact. To learn how we can help you meet your business goals and achieve a faster time to value, please email us at [email protected].

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