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Every year, data leaders, practitioners and visionaries from across the globe and industries join the Data + AI Summit to discuss the latest trends in big data. For data teams in the Public Sector, we're excited to announce a full agenda of Public Sector sessions. Leaders from USPS OIG, CDC, Veterans Affairs, US Air Force, State of CA, SOCOM, DoD Advana and many other industry organizations will share how they are using data to modernize agency operations and make smarter decisions that minimize risk, accelerate innovation and improve citizen services.

Public Sector Forum

Data is at the core of nearly every innovation in the Public Sector. Leaders across the Federal, State and Local government are harnessing the power of data and analytics.

Join us on Wednesday, June 29 at 11am PT for our Public Sector Forum, our most popular industry event at Data + AI Summit. During our capstone event, you'll have the opportunity to join sessions with thought leaders from some of the most innovative government agencies.

Featured Speakers:
Howard Levenson, VP Federal, Databricks
Rishi Tarar, Chief Enterprise Architect, CDC
Alan Sim, CDO, CDC
Thomas Kenney, CDO SOCOM
Fredy Diaz, Analytics Director at USPS Office of Inspector General
John S. Scott, MD, Acting Director, Data Management and Analytics, US Department of Veterans Affairs
Cody Ferguson, Data Operations Lead, DoD Advana
Brad Corwin, Chief Data Scientist, Booz Allen Hamilton

Public Sector breakout sessions

Here's an overview of some of our most highly-anticipated PublicSector sessions at this year's summit:

Migrating Complex SAS Processes to Databricks - Case Study
Jessie Beaumont, Tensile AI LLC and Uday Kumar, Akira Technologies

Many federal agencies use SAS software for critical operational data processes. While SAS has historically been a leader in analytics, it has often been used by data analysts for ETL purposes as well. However, modern data science demands on ever-increasing volumes and types of data require a shift to modern, cloud architectures and data management tools and paradigms for ETL/ELT. In this presentation, we will provide a case study at Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) detailing the approach and results of migrating a large, complex legacy SAS process to modern, open-source/open-standard technology - Spark SQL & Databricks – to produce results ~75% faster and without reliance on proprietary constructs of the SAS language. The technical and business benefits derived from this modernization effort will be detailed in this presentation.

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Cloud and Data Science Modernization of Veterans Affairs Financial Service Center with Azure Databricks
David Fuller, Chief, Data Analytics Division, US Department of Veterans Affairs and Cary Moore, Senior Solutions Architect, Databricks

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is home to over 420,000 employees, provides health care for 9.16 million enrollees and manages the benefits of 5.75 million recipients. The VA also hosts an array of financial management, professional, and administrative services at their Financial Service Center (FSC), located in Austin, Texas. The FSC is divided into various service groups organized around revenue centers and product lines, including the Data Analytics Service (DAS). To support the VA mission, in 2021 FSC DAS continued to press forward with their cloud modernization efforts, successfully achieving four key accomplishments. This talk discusses FSC DAS' cloud and data science modernization accomplishments in 2021, lessons learned, and what's ahead.

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Implementing a Framework for Data Security and Policy at a Large Public Sector Agency
Dave Thomas, Principal, Deloitte and Danny Holloway, CTO, Public Sector, Immuta

Most large public sector and government agencies all have multiple data-driven initiatives being implemented or considered across functional domains. But, as they scale these efforts they need to ensure data security and quality are top priorities. In this session, the presenters discuss the core elements of a successful data security and quality framework, including best practices, potential pitfalls, and recommendations based on success with a large federal agency.

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Enabling Advanced Analytics at The Department of State using Databricks
Brendan Barsness, Analytics Architect, Deloitte and Mark Lopez, Specialist Master, Deloitte

The Center for Analytics (CFA) is the State Department's first enterprise-wide capability to transform data into valuable insights to inform foreign policy and management decisions essential to the Department's diplomatic mission. The Department leverages Azure Databricks to enable the processing and enrichment of high-volume datasets, sourced from operational applications, that feed downstream analytic products.

This session will provide an overview of the different analytic use cases implemented using Azure Databricks for scalable data processing and enrichment in a secure environment. We will show how integrating Azure Databricks into CFA analytic workflows has enabled advanced analytics by providing a scalable, repeatable data engineering process.

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Secure Data Distribution and Insights with Databricks on AWS
Kayla Grieme, Solutions Architect, Databricks and Nicole Murray, Senior Solutions Architect, AWS

In this session, we will discuss challenges faced in the public sector when expanding to AWS cloud. We will review best practices for managing access and data integrity for a cloud-based data lakehouse with Databricks, and discuss recommended approaches for securing your AWS Cloud environment. We will highlight ways to enable compliance by developing a continuous monitoring strategy and providing tips for implementation of defense in depth. This guide will provide critical questions to ask, an overall strategy, and specific recommendations to serve all security leaders and data engineers in the Public Sector.

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Data Lake for State Health Exchange Analytics using Databricks
Deven Dharm, Specialist Leader, Deloitte and Perminder Bagri, Enterprise Infrastructure Chief, Office of System Integration, State of CA

The California Healthcare Eligibility, Enrollment, and Retention System (CalHEERS)—one of the largest State-based health exchanges in the country—was looking to modernize their data warehouse (DWH) environment to support the vision that every decision to design, implement and evaluate their state-based health exchange portal was informed by timely and rigorous evidence about its consumers' experience. The scope of the project was to replace the existing Oracle-based DWH with an analytics platform that could support a much broader range of requirements with ability to provide unified analytics capabilities including ML. The modernized analytics platform comprises a cloud native data lake and DWH solution using Databricks Lakehouse Platform along with other key technologies. This lakehouse oriented architecture provides significantly higher performance and elastic scalability to better handle larger/varying data volumes with much lower cost of ownership compared to the existing solution. The solution replaced a massive oracle-based infrastructure with a server-less solution using Databricks to ingest data from the source systems into an AWS S3 data lake where the data is curated prior to provisioning it to the downstream data marts and reports.

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