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Today, we're excited to announce that Databricks has collaborated with key partners globally to launch the first Brickbuilder Solutions for migrations to the Databricks Lakehouse Platform. By combining the migration expertise of our partner ecosystem with the Databricks Lakehouse Platform, our new solutions help businesses migrate to one simple platform to handle all their data, analytics and AI use cases.

Earlier this year, Databricks announced Brickbuilder Solutions, data and AI solutions expertly designed by leading consulting companies to address industry-specific business requirements.* Backed by our partner's industry experience — and built on the Databricks Lakehouse Platform — Brickbuilder Solutions are designed to fit within any stage of a customers' journey to reduce costs and accelerate time to value.

Let's take a further look into our new migration Brickbuilder Solutions.

Migrate to lakehouse to drive innovation and business outcomes

Fig. 1: Reduce the risks associated with data system migrations through migration Brickbuilder Solutions.
Fig. 1: Reduce the risks associated with data system migrations through migration Brickbuilder Solutions.

Migrating from on-premise to a modern cloud data platform can be complex, but ultimately makes it easier to streamline operations and improve productivity. Databricks has partnered with leading consulting partners to help you retire legacy infrastructure and adopt a simple and open lakehouse architecture. Collectively, these partners have completed hundreds of migrations from on-premise to Databricks and are equipped to help you reduce the risks associated with data system migrations. Now, you can scale to meet the changing needs of your business without requiring excess capacity or hardware upgrades.

  1. Azure Databricks is a key enabler for helping organizations scale AI and unlock the value of disparate and complex data. To achieve your AI aspirations and uncover insights that inform better decisions, you can migrate your data to a modern, state-of-the-art data platform and turn it into action and value. If you are looking to accelerate data transformation, the Avanade Legacy System Migration can help you quickly move your data from proprietary and expensive legacy systems to the lakehouse to drive operational efficiencies and speed up innovation.
  2. Capgemini's Data Migration Methodology (DMM) uses an industrialized data migration factory to help you streamline data migration to the cloud and Databricks. DMM ensures that the cloud architecture and migration patterns are aligned to your cloud ambitions, while industrial methods, tooling and automation drive high-quality and cost-efficient migration. Furthermore, Capgemini helps you offset the costs of the assessment so you can jumpstart your journey through a comprehensive roadmap, which leverages Capgemini's best-in-class eAPM assessment tool. This provides unparalleled insight into your IT portfolio, addresses gaps in your readiness, and leverages cloud-based services to modernize your landscape so you can save up to 25% once in production.
  3. The ability to migrate and integrate monolithic mainframe-based Cards and Core Banking into modern tech stacks on cloud is critical for retail banks in today's competitive market. Capgemini's solution for migrating Legacy Cards and Core Banking Portfolios on Databricks enables rapid conversion from external source systems and provides a fully configurable and industrialized conversion capability. Leveraging Public Cloud services, this solution provides a cost-efficient conversion platform with predictable time to market. Now, you can rapidly complete ingestion, ease development of ETL jobs, and completely reconcile and validate conversion up to 50% faster.
  4. Celebal Technologies offers proven tools and accelerators to help you migrate from from Hadoop or Snowflake and integrate SAP to the Databricks Lakehouse. Their solution for migrating to Databricks from an on-premise/cloud Hadoop environment addresses the key challenges of scalability, performance, and workload diversity to enable comprehensive analytics. By leveraging the capabilities of the Databricks Lakehouse Platform, they also help leading enterprises with a SAP BW or HANA footprint to optimize their data processing with comprehensive analytics solutions. Lastly, they can help you migrate from Snowflake to Databricks to significantly reduce costs and increase performance, including up to 40% in costs and 60% in time due to automatic schema and data migration.
    Fig. 2: Celebal Technologies solution for migrating to Databricks helps businesses move from Hadoop, SAP, or Snowflake to the lakehouse.
    Fig. 2: Celebal Technologies solution for migrating to Databricks helps businesses move from Hadoop, SAP, or Snowflake to the lakehouse.
  5. LeapLogic – an Impetus solution – auto-transforms legacy ETL, data warehouse, analytics and Hadoop workloads to modern data infrastructure on Databricks. Impetus offers engineering services to accelerate, optimize, re-architect, and scale on Databricks. This allows 70-90% of legacy code, scripts and business logic to be automatically transformed into production-ready output. Now, your transformation to Databricks will happen faster and more accurately, thanks to the analysis, automation, and validation of LeapLogic.
    Fig. 3: LeapLogic - an Impetus solution- auto-transforms legacy ETL, data warehouse, analytics and Hadoop workloads to modern data infrastructure on Databricks.
    Fig. 3: LeapLogic - an Impetus solution- auto-transforms legacy ETL, data warehouse, analytics and Hadoop workloads to modern data infrastructure on Databricks.
  6. Infosys Data Wizard is a comprehensive solution with a set of accelerators for seamless data migration. It makes data warehouse and data lake migrations to the Databricks Lakehouse Platform seamless, secure, manageable and quick. Data Wizard offers an intuitive graphical user interface designed to follow execution approaches through different phases of migration — from project initiation to configuration, inventory collection, analysis, migration, validation, all the way to data certification, tracking and management. With Infosys Data Wizard, you can achieve a 50%–60% acceleration in the data migration lifecycle and a 30% reduction in the cost of migrations.
  7. Lovelytics Snowflake-to-Databricks Migration Solution ensures a rapid, sound migration process that leverages Databricks to unlock more value from data and AI. This five-step migration accelerator helps customers confidently move from Snowflake to Databricks to unlock the value of Databricks best-in-class SQL performance, native ML capabilities and ML lifecycle management, including real streaming data use cases. With the Lovelytics migration accelerator, you can realize 2.7x average faster performance and 12x more cost efficiency than Snowflake.
  8. Tensile AI's SAS Migration Accelerator enables the rapid migration of SAS processes with minimal disruption and risk to internal teams. Using the Migration Accelerator, organizations have the flexibility to simply move critical workloads from SAS to Databricks, or optimize the code and patterns of those workloads to run natively in Databricks. Tensile AI has extensive experience leading large-scale migration and modernization initiatives. Typical improvements include cost reduction of ~35% and process performance gains of ~85%.
  9. Wipro Data Intelligence Suite enables end-to-end automation of the cloud migration and transformation journey (including Hadoop, EDW, ETL and SAS workload migrations) across Azure, AWS and GCP with a suite of low-code/no code and AI/ML infused accelerators. Wipro Data Intelligence Suite helps with assessment of the existing landscape, migration planning, automated data movement and validation. With the Wipro Data Intelligence Suite, you can achieve up to 20%-30% reduction in total cost of ownership, an average of 50% productivity gains in migration efforts, and savings for large migrations of ~20%-35%.

See more Brickbuilder solutions

At Databricks, we continue to collaborate with our consulting partner ecosystem to enable even more use cases across key industries and migrations. Check out our full set of partner solutions on the Databricks Brickbuilder Solutions page.

Create Brickbuilder solutions for the Databricks Lakehouse Platform

Brickbuilder Solutions is a key component of the Databricks Partner Program and recognizes partners who have demonstrated a unique ability to offer differentiated lakehouse industry and migration solutions in combination with their knowledge and expertise.

Partners who are interested in learning more about how to create a Brickbuilder Solution are encouraged to email us at [email protected].

*We have collaborated with consulting and system integrator (C&SI) partners to develop industry and migration solutions to address data engineering, data science, machine learning and business analytics use cases.

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