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In the dynamic realm of AI-driven forecasting, businesses navigate a landscape where strategic choices shape their trajectory. One such pivotal decision was made by a leader in AI-powered forecasting solutions–, now part of Zebra Technologies. chose to anchor their endeavors on a lakehouse architecture with the Databricks Data Intelligence Platform rather than treading the path of in-house infrastructure.

What is a lakehouse? Simply put, a lakehouse, a concept pioneered by Databricks, is a unique type of data management system. It combines the best parts of data lakes (like flexibility and cost-efficiency) with the best parts of data warehouses (like careful data management). This allows for better business intelligence and machine learning. Because of its design, it's easier and faster for data teams to use.

This strategic choice, with scalability standardized across all clouds, is a testament to the forward-thinking approach that has set apart in the tech landscape.

How's strategic decisions benefit customers

Let’s look at one key example of the impact of this choice on a global bakery brand. With the aid of's solutions, this brand managed to reduce its forecast errors by up to 30%, enhancing order accuracy and significantly reducing food wastage—an essential factor in the perishable goods sector.

When joined forces with Databricks, the outcome was a transformative AI-driven demand forecasting system that has revolutionized front-line operations. The brand's adoption of Workcloud Forecasting & Analysis, powered by, is a clear demonstration of this. This data-driven solution, anchored in Databricks Data Intelligence Platform, provides employees with real-time data insights. It effectively optimizes the entire process from production to consumer.

The combination of's AI capabilities with an intuitive interface and a thorough AI workflow has set a new standard for 'perfect order' solutions. This has led to significant reductions in forecast errors, fine-tuning of production, and localized delivery based on granular-level data.

This story stands as a powerful testament to the value of's solutions in the real world. These solutions have shown remarkable adaptability and responsiveness, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic, where the necessary changes were implemented in weeks rather than months. This highlights the power of AI technologies in rapidly changing environments.

The strategic partnership between and Databricks is more than just a technological decision—it's a commitment to innovation, efficiency, and customer success. This success story illustrates the real-world value that, bolstered by the power of Databricks, delivers to its customers in the rapidly evolving AI-driven solutions landscape.

As continues to lead the way, its symbiotic relationship with Databricks stands as a shining example for other industry players, showcasing how strategic decisions and customer-centric solutions can redefine the potential in the AI-driven landscape. This journey continues to hasten success and reshape narratives in the dynamic world of technology and business.

Why Databricks over in-house infrastructure?'s embrace of the Databricks Data Intelligence Platform is more than a technological choice; it's a strategic move to ensure scalability tailored to individual needs. In a fast-paced, innovative industry, Databricks provides the robust infrastructure that supports's cutting-edge solutions.

The advantage gains with Databricks is evident in faster product launches and more empowered product teams. Without the need to worry about maintaining their own infrastructure,'s teams can focus on creating software that drives revenue, solidifying them as a leader in the AI industry.

Beyond the strategic advantages, the teams at have witnessed tangible benefits. Specifically, they've been able to reduce their analytical cloud expenditures by 30%, since switching to Databricks. Infrastructure cost savings, increased productivity, and enhanced product performance are the dividends of the Databricks alliance. Operations streamlined, cost efficiencies realized—'s journey with Databricks is one of unlocking real and measurable value.

Finally,'s strategic partnership with Databricks not only improves its internal operations but also shapes its go-to-market (GTM) strategy. This relationship has directly contributed to enhanced customer trust, as seen in the story above. Leveraging Databricks Data Intelligence Platform, ensures secure, scalable data storage, further solidifying its reputation for reliable and efficient solutions.

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