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Databricks offers training for data analysts, data engineers, and data scientists, where users can master new skills, regardless of their experience level through Databricks Academy. In an ever-changing data and AI landscape, training and getting certified has become increasingly more valuable to those who want to change roles or expand in their current role.

As Databricks Academy continues to grow and meet the needs of customers across roles, industries, and regions, we're excited to expand our offerings. Today, we're thrilled to announce the launch of a new Platform Administrator learning pathway to help customers learn to efficiently manage and maintain their Databricks Lakehouse Platform. The Platform Administrator learning pathway will provide learners with everything they need to know about Unity Catalog. Unity Catalog is a unified governance solution for all data and AI assets including files, tables, machine learning models and dashboards in your lakehouse on any cloud. This includes getting a deeper understanding of how to administer users in groups, manage compute resources, and govern and secure the Databricks Lakehouse Platform, while following the latest best practices defined by subject matter experts. By demonstrating one's knowledge through an accreditation exam, customers can earn a badge to share on LinkedIn or their resume.

The new learning pathway will provide a unique opportunity for platform administrators to demonstrate their knowledge and proficiencies in Unity Catalog, and ultimately help drive greater impact within their organizations. Pravin Chaubey, at Celebal Technologies, experienced his productivity increase after he sought out Databricks training.

“Training increases my productivity. What I was able to do in 2-3 hours now takes me one hour. It helps me deliver in a shorter amount of time.” - Pravin Chaubey, Associate Data Engineer

Components of the pathway

The Platform Administrator learning pathway is made up of a multi-part, self-paced course and a new accreditation exam in Databricks Academy:

  • Databricks Platform Administrator learning pathway, a six-hour course that includes the following modules:
    • Platform Administration Fundamentals
    • Identity Administration
    • Workspace Administration and Security
    • Compute Resource Administration
    • Data Administration
    • CI/CD Administration

Databricks Platform Administrator Accreditation, an accreditation that assesses the content covered by the learning pathway. The basic qualifications include mastering the following in Databricks Lakehouse Platform:

  • How to administer users in groups
  • How to manage compute resources
  • How to govern and secure the platform and its capabilities and objects

Additional details about the accreditation exam:

  • Number of Questions: 25
  • Passing Score: 80 percent
  • Number of Attempts: Unlimited

The learning materials in the pathway will feature recorded slide-based lectures to cover key topics and hands-on labs to demonstrate and apply learnings in real-world scenarios.

Get accredited today

Current customers can log into Databricks Academy and find the Platform Administration learning pathway in the course catalog. Current partners can also find the Platform Administration learning pathway in the course catalog.

Other data and AI professionals and enthusiasts can also access the learning pathway by creating an account at Databricks Academy. Once you're logged in, you can access the pathway in the course catalog.

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