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Databricks Platform Administrator

Test your knowledge about managing and administering the Databricks Lakehouse Platform using Unity Catalog



In order to achieve this accreditation, earners must pass an exam. To register for this exam, please log in to Databricks Academy.

Learning Pathway

This accreditation is the final assessment in the Databricks Platform Administrator specialty learning pathway.

Exam Details

Key details about the certification exam are provided below.

Minimally Qualified Candidate

To meet the basic qualifications, a candidate should be able to:

  • Describe how to administer users in groups in the Databricks Lakehouse Platform, including:

    • Importing from identity providers

    • User-group relationship management

    • Admin roles

    • Workspace APIs

  • Describe how to manage compute resources in the Databricks Lakehouse Platform, including:

    • Clusters (init scripts, variables, policies, types, pools)

    • Databricks SQL wWarehouses (classic, serverless)

    • MLflow Model Serving

    • Orchestration rResources (jobs, pipelines)

  • Describe how to govern and secure the Databricks Lakehouse Platform and its capabilities and objects, including:

    • Permissions configurations (workspace assets, jobs, clusters and cluster pools)

    • Data governance (table types, views, sharing, security models)

    • Secret management

    • Delta sharing

    • Model governance

While it will not be explicitly tested, the candidate must have a working knowledge of either Python or Scala. The exam is available in both languages.


Test-takers will have an unlimited time period to complete the accreditation exam.


There are 25 multiple-choice questions on the accreditation exam.


Each attempt of the accreditation exam is free for Databricks customers and partners.

Test Aids

There are no test aids specifically available during this exam, but the exam is not proctored.

Programming Language

There are no programming-related questions in this accreditation exam.


Because of the speed at which the capabilities of the Databricks Lakehouse Platform change, this accreditation is valid for 1 year following the date on which each test-taker passes the accreditation exam.


To learn the content assessed by the accreditation exam, candidates should take the following Databricks Academy courses:

  • Platform Administration With Databricks

This course will be available in the Platform Administrator learning pathway

Frequently Asked Questions

To view answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs), please refer to Databricks Academy FAQ document.