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Dive in and explore a world of Databricks resources — at your fingertips. You’ll find training and certification, upcoming events, helpful documentation and more.

Getting started with Databricks

Learn the Basics

The Databricks Lakehouse Platform makes it easy to build and execute data pipelines, collaborate on data science and analytics projects and build and deploy machine learning models. Check out our Getting Started guides below.

New to Databricks? Start your journey with Databricks guided by an experienced Customer Success Engineer.

Databricks onboarding

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Get trained through Databricks Academy. Learn how to master data analytics from the team that started the Apache Spark™ research project at UC Berkeley.


Certification exams assess how well you know the Databricks Lakehouse Platform and the methods required to successfully implement quality projects. They help you gain industry recognition, competitive differentiation, greater productivity and results, and a tangible measure of your educational investment.

Get Your Questions Answered

Choose from the following ways to get clarity on questions that might come up as you are getting started:

Online Community

Explore popular topics within the Databricks community.

Need hands on help?

If you have a support contract or are interested in one, check out our options below. For strategic business guidance (with a Customer Success Engineer or a Professional Services contract), contact your workspace Administrator to reach out to your Databricks Account Executive.


Notebook Gallery

This gallery showcases some of the possibilities through Notebooks focused on technologies and use cases which can easily be imported into your own Databricks environment or the free community edition.


The Databricks technical documentation site provides how-to guidance and reference information for the Databricks data science and engineering, Databricks machine learning and Databricks SQL persona-based environments.

Databricks events and community

Data + AI Summit

Join us for keynotes, product announcements and 200+ technical sessions — featuring a lineup of experts in industry, research and academia.

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Global events

Save your spot at one of our global or regional conferences, live product demos, webinars, partner-sponsored events or meetups.

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Data + AI online meetups

Find out what’s happening at Databricks Meetup groups around the world and join one near or far — all virtually.

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Meet the Databricks Beacons, a group of community members who go above and beyond to uplift the data and AI community.

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University Alliance

Join the Databricks University Alliance to access complimentary resources for educators who want to teach using Databricks.

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Data + AI Research

Matei Zaharia

Matei Zaharia

Co-Founder and Chief Technologist


Reynold Xin

Reynold Xin

Co-Founder and Chief Architect



Sue Ann Hong

Software Engineer


Read recent papers from Databricks founders, staff and researchers on distributed systems, AI and data analytics — in collaboration with leading universities such as UC Berkeley and Stanford.