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For a limited time, we're offering 50% off training and certification at Data + AI Summit with the following code: TRAIN50FOTY. This offer expires on May 3, 2024. Register today and add training.

This year, Databricks Training and Certification is returning to Data + AI Summit in San Francisco on June 10–13, and the program is expanding to include more training courses and ways to engage through our Learning Hub.

Databricks will offer hands-on training across 20 courses covering different topic areas, from generative AI, data engineering and machine learning/data science. The courses are targeted toward data and AI professionals looking to accelerate their careers and drive greater outcomes in their organizations. In addition to training, we are offering certifications at a discount onsite, along with a Learning Hub for attendees to experience our learning offerings firsthand.

Certification offerings:

In addition to training, we will provide these certification exams at a 50% discount (value: $100 USD).

  • Data Engineer Associate Certification Exam
  • Data Engineer Professional Certification Exam
  • Associate Developer for Apache SparkTM Certification Exam
  • Data Analyst Associate Certification Exam
  • Machine Learning Associate Certification Exam
  • Machine Learning Professional Certification Exam

Attendees who successfully pass a Databricks Certification exam will be awarded a Databricks Certified jacket and access to our exclusive Databricks Certified Lounge.1 The Databricks Certified Lounge will include special programming, including a happy hour and networking opportunities.

Databricks Certified jacket

1 The final Databricks Certified jacket may differ from the image above.

Training offerings:

Check out the course highlights below for a preview of our training programs:

Course #1: Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG) Applications

This course is designed to introduce participants to contextual generative AI solutions using the retrieval-augmented generation (RAG) method. Firstly, participants will be introduced to the RAG architecture and the significance of contextual information using Mosaic AI Playground. Next, the course will demonstrate how to prepare data for generative AI solutions and connect this process with building an RAG architecture. Finally, participants will explore concepts related to context embedding, vectors, vector databases, and the utilization of the Mosaic AI Vector Search product.

Course #2: Data Management and Governance with Unity Catalog

In this hands-on half-day course, you'll learn how to use manage and govern your data with Unity Catalog. We'll cover topics like key concepts behind Unity Catalog, how it integrates with the Databricks Data Intelligence Platform, how to access Unity Catalog through clusters and SQL warehouses, how to create and govern data assets in Unity Catalog, and adopting Databricks recommendations into your organization's Unity Catalog based solutions.

Course #3: Machine Learning Model Development

In this hands-on half-day course, you'll learn how to develop traditional machine learning models on Databricks. We'll cover topics like using popular ML libraries, executing common tasks efficiently with AutoML and MLflow, harnessing Databricks' capabilities to track model training, leveraging feature stores for model development, and implementing hyperparameter tuning. Additionally, the course covers AutoML for rapid and low-code model training, ensuring that participants gain practical, real-world skills for streamlined and effective machine learning model development in the Databricks environment.

Learning Hub offerings:

In addition to our training and certification offerings, we will have a Learning Hub with ways to engage and learn how to upskill your organization.

The Learning Hub will include a way for attendees to experience some of our hands-on offerings, including Databricks Academy Labs, on-demand, hands-on guided lab experiences in Databricks environments and opportunities to learn about our newest offerings, including Blended Learning, which combines both self-paced and weekly instructor-led sessions for every style of learner to optimize course completion and knowledge retention. Learn more about these two new offerings at the Learning Hub.

Register now for training and certification at Data + AI Summit and save 50% today with discount code: TRAIN50FOTY. This offer expires on May 3, 2024.

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