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Upskill with instructor-led training and save 20% off today

Rochana Golani
Nate Hast
Trang Le

September 1, 2023 in Company Blog

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For a limited time, we are offering 20% off our public instructor-led training with the code: ilt201

Value of Databricks Training

The explosion of Generative AI, including large language models (LLMs), has created a push across industries to leverage data in new and exciting ways – a trend that is expected to grow even more mainstream. For data practioners, upskilling on data engineering best practices and the latest tools and trends in ML will help deliver better solutions faster.

At Databricks, we want to ensure that our users and community are always staying ahead and set up for success. For years, we've been creating, and improving technical trainings for learners at all levels and across multiple disciplines, including data engineering, data analytics, platform administration and architecture, and ML.

Like all Databricks training, this course is offered in self-paced learning pathways (through both video lectures and dynamic labs), as well as private and public instructor-led trainings live lectures, demos, and hands-on labs. As Databricks invests more and more into its trainings, learners continue to echo the value of Databricks training in helping them upskill and elevate their careers.

"So many new things have been introduced in the last two years. I need to stay up-to-date on those new technologies to ensure my competence."
— Pawan Shukla, Associate Consultant at Tata Consultancy Services

Featuring: Databricks Instructor-Led Training

For those who want to have a hands-on experience with an expert instructor, Databricks instructor-led training ("ILT") offers a comprehensive experience across different disciplines. From one to two day courses, there are trainings across data analysis to ML to data engineering to ensure one's competence on Databricks Lakehouse. For instructor-led trainings, there are both private and public options available depending on the needs of your organization.

Training highlight: Data Engineering with Databricks

Data engineering as a discipline has grown substantially as organizations want to better optimize their data towards usability and quality. To address this need and gap in the market, Databricks offers data engineering instructor-led trainings.

In one of our data engineering trainings, Data Engineering with Databricks, learners will:

  • leverage the Databricks Lakehouse Platform to perform core responsibilities for data pipeline development
  • use SQL and Python to write production data pipelines to extract, transform, and load data into tables and views in the Lakehouse
  • simplify data ingestion and incremental change propagation using Databricks-native features and syntax, including Delta Live Tables
  • orchestrate production pipelines to deliver fresh results for ad-hoc analytics and dashboarding

Our expert instructors ensure that our trainings combine the latest content with the opportunity to experience the product hands-on, providing a comprehensive experience for all learners. In addition, learners can ask questions, as they're going through the content to ensure that any gaps in understanding are immediately addressed.

"Our winning approach combines exceptional teaching with immersive hands-on experiences on a Databricks cluster. Whether you're new or experienced in this field, I'm here to inspire and empower you with cutting-edge knowledge."
— Tjerk Kostelijk, Senior Technical Instructor at Databricks

Accessing Instructor-Led Training

Instructor-led training can be accessed in Databricks Academy, where visitors can learn about and purchase all trainings. Self-paced, on-demand content across role-based learning pathways and new product information can also be found in Databricks Academy.

Instructions for how to find the instructor-led trainings in Databricks Academy:

  1. Learn more about Databricks instructor-led trainings
  2. Log into Databricks Academy:
  3. Instructor-led course catalog:

1 The discount code and success credits can not be used simultaneaously. The discount code will expire September 22, 2023.

Sign up for instructor-led training in Databricks Academy and use ilt20 to get 20% off today

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