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Revenue Growth Management by Capgemini

Industry-specific solution developed by Capgemini and powered by the Databricks Data Intelligence Platform

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In today’s dynamic market, Revenue Growth Management is a key capability for managing and balancing sales, profit and volume through levers like price, merchandising and trade. And for some, it’s a key, competitive advantage during market swings and with shifting consumer sentiment that requires commercial agility. However, how organizations create and optimize their plans is a source of debate: The “old ways of working” through human-intensive analysis often take weeks or months to yield future actions. Capgemini’s advanced analytics solutions for revenue growth management balance AI/ML acceleration of statistical trending and scenario planning with the context of operations and human decision-making to drive maximum value. 

Capgemini customizes their solutions to fit this human and operational context – as well as designing for key barriers to clarity and execution (such as supply disruptions). With Capgemini’s revenue growth management analytics (aka strategic or net revenue management), you can:

  • Determine optimal prices for varying goals or scenarios, while predicting categorical or competitive halo effects
  • Maximize sales by determining the best price-pack and assortment combinations
  • Stimulate consumer behavior and demand through trade promotions and pricing techniques
  • Effectively monitor and manage commercial policy and trade budgets
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