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Brickbuilder Solution

Revenue Growth Management by Capgemini

Industry-specific solution developed by Capgemini and powered by the Databricks Lakehouse Platform


Build a better recommendation engine

In today’s dynamic environment, knowing what a customer purchased three months ago does not always tell you what they will purchase tomorrow. To establish fine-grained and accurate demand-sensing patterns, you need to incorporate externalities like dynamic market data, indices and social media. Capgemini’s revenue growth management engine leverages the Databricks Lakehouse for Retail to rapidly perform analysis of invoice data, external market data, indices, news and web scraping data to explore patterns. This improves on all aspects of the selling and marketing cycle, including acquisition, conversion and retention. With Capgemini Revenue Growth Management, you can:

  • Preconfigure a visual interface and filter to display revenue growth
  • Pre-populate PySpark code and notebooks within Databricks for migrations
  • Utilize frameworks for initial product backlog structure and model selection criteria
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