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Databricks Lakehouse

Get more value from your most sensitive data


Discover the only solution that uses confidential computing to unite the reliability, governance and performance of a data warehouse with the openness, flexibility and machine learning support of a data lake.

Bring together data value, security and power

Azure Databricks

Speed, scale and innovation unified


Maximize the value of your most sensitive data in a single data, analytics and AI solution.


Lower the risk and simplify security with a single, consistent governance model across clouds.


Cut costs by reducing legacy processes and sending more workloads to Azure Databricks.

AMD Infinity Guard

AMD SEV-SNP technology - Integrity and protection at every level

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Protect the confidentiality of data in memory with trusted execution environments that minimize your attack surface.


Accelerate business results with exceptional performance on cloud, enterprise and high-performance computing workloads.

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Avoid costly downtime and security breaches by protecting sensitive data using AMD EPYC™ with AMD Infinity Guard.

Microsoft Azure

The foundation of trust in the cloud


Depend on multilayered security across data centers, infrastructure and operations.


Experience the protection of over $1 billion in security research and development.

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Rely on the expertise of 3,500+ security experts monitoring and safeguarding your data.

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Go beyond imagining data transformation: plan for it

Get the definitive Azure Databricks guide to data and AI transformation at scale — and take the first step toward increasing the business value of your most sensitive data.

Elevate your analytics and AI with confidential computing

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Learn how Databricks Lakehouse provides a data value multiplier.

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