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Executive Insights on Data and AI

Strategy Execution

Turn vision into business outcomes


A brilliant strategy, breakthrough product or state-of-the-art technology can give you an edge in the data and AI race, but only solid execution can drive results.


Strategies to Evolve Your Data Warehouse to the Databricks Lakehouse

12-min read

Data warehouse migration is never an easy task. In this technical migration guide, learn how the lakehouse simplifies this transition, reduces risk and accelerates ROI. Dive deep into ELT approaches, security and governance, and more.


4-min read

6 Guiding Principles to Build an Effective Data Lakehouse

Want to build a lakehouse that meets your business needs? Follow these 6 principles our customers recommend.

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20-min read

The Data Team's Guide to the Databricks Lakehouse Platform

Take a deep dive into capabilities of the data lakehouse architecture — data engineering, governance, machine learning and more.

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