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Data Analysis with Databricks SQL

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This course provides a comprehensive introduction to Databricks SQL. You’ll ingest data, write queries, produce visualizations and dashboards and configure alerts.

This course will prepare you to take the Databricks Certified Data Analyst Associate exam.


1 full day or 2 half days


  • Import data and persist it in Databricks SQL as tables and views
  • Query data in Databricks SQL
  • Use Databricks SQL to create visualizations and dashboards
  • Create alerts to notify stakeholders of specific events
  • Share queries and dashboards with others


  • Basic SQL experience (for example, the ability to write a basic SELECT-FROM-WHERE clause)


Day 1

  • Databricks SQL Overview
  • Tables and Views
  • Ingesting Data
  • Delta Commands in Databricks SQL
  • Data Visualization and Dashboards
  • Notifying Stakeholders
  • Final Lab Assessment