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Databricks Certified Data Analyst Associate

Use the Databricks SQL service to complete introductory data analysis tasks

Databricks Certified Data Analyst Associate

Databricks Certified Data Analyst Associate

The Databricks Certified Data Analyst Associate certification exam assesses an individual’s ability to use the Databricks SQL service to complete introductory data analysis tasks. This includes an understanding of the Databricks SQL service and its capabilities, an ability to manage data with Databricks tools following best practices, using SQL to complete data tasks in the Lakehouse, creating production-grade data visualizations and dashboards, and developing analytics applications to solve common data analytics problems. Individuals who pass this certification exam can be expected to complete basic data analysis tasks using Databricks SQL and its associated capabilities.

The exam covers:

  1. Databricks SQL – 22%
  2. Data Management – 20%
  3. SQL – 29%
  4. Data Visualization and Dashboards – 18%
  5. Analytics Applications – 11%

Assessment Details

Type: Proctored certification

Total number of questions: 45

Time limit: 90 minutes

Registration fee: $200

Question types: Multiple choice

Test aides: None allowed

Languages: English

Delivery method: Online proctored

Prerequisites: None, but related training highly recommended

Recommended experience: 6+ months of hands-on experience performing the data analysis tasks outlined in the exam guide

Validity period: 2 years

Recertification: Recertification is required every two years to maintain your certified status. To recertify, you must take the current version of the exam. Please review the “Getting Ready for the Exam” section below to prepare for your recertification exam.

Unscored content: Exams may include unscored items to gather statistical information for future use. These items are not identified on the form and do not impact your score. Additional time is factored into the exam to account for this content.

Related Training

Getting Ready for the Exam

  1. Review the Data Analyst Associate Exam Guide to understand what will be on the exam
  2. Take the related training
  3. Register for the exam
  4. Review the technical requirements for taking an online proctored exam and run a system check
  5. Review the exam guide again to identify any gaps
  6. Study to fill in the gaps
  7. Take your exam!

The certification exam will assess the tester’s ability to use SQL. In all cases, the SQL in this certification exam adheres to ANSI SQL standards.


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