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The power of our partnership lies in the Databricks platform and Accenture’s unique ability to build industry-specific solutions, services and accelerators. By using cloud and AI as catalysts, we unlock value in data to jointly accelerate the digital transformation journey for clients.

Together, we enable enterprises to break down silos, create more agile and adaptive processes, and power data-driven decision-making to solve business problems and identify new opportunities. By tapping into the intrinsic value of data, we create exponential value through AI platforms and expertise, accelerate AI value, and build and integrate full-stack AI applications to help modernize their digital core.


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The Databricks Lakehouse Platform and Accenture

Watch this video to learn how Accenture’s expertise and services, combined with the Databricks Lakehouse Platform, enable enterprises to break down data silos, create agile processes, and power data-driven decision-making.

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“The Lakehouse pattern is making it simple for organizations to put multitudes of data from velocity, variety and volume in one source so they can manage this in a better way.”

— Karthik Narain, Lead – Accenture Cloud First

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2022, 2021, 2020, 2019 Databricks Global Partner of the Year
2022 Financial Services Partner of the Year
2022 Health and Life Sciences Partner of the Year
2021 Partner Champion of the Year
2020 Innovation Partner of the Year


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