Request access to Databricks Clean Rooms Public Preview (coming soon)

Public Preview — coming soon, on AWS and Azure

Databricks Clean Rooms provides a privacy-safe environment for collaboration on all your data and AI assets without direct access to sensitive data.

Organizations need an open, flexible and privacy-safe way to collaborate on data, and Databricks Clean Rooms meets these critical needs.

Databricks Clean Rooms allows businesses to easily collaborate in a secure environment with their customers and partners on any cloud in a privacy-safe way.

  • Any cloud, any platform: Secure, open, flexible collaboration is powered by Delta Sharing — without requiring data movement or replication. Clean Rooms allows you to collaborate across clouds, regions and even across platforms using the new Sharing for Lakehouse Federation (coming soon — sign up for preview here).
  • Any language and workload of your choice: Unlike other data clean rooms on the market, Databricks Clean Rooms supports any language or workload, including native support for ML and AI with Python. Clean Rooms is a flexible, interoperable solution, enabling organizations to collaborate with anyone, regardless of cloud or platform without the need for replication.
  • Any scale with collaboration at any trust level: Easily collaborate and operate at scale. With support for APIs, SQL commands and built-in Databricks Workflows orchestration, you can easily automate Clean Rooms workloads. Collaborators also get approved output data directly in their Unity Catalog that can be conveniently used for subsequent use cases. Coming soon, multiple collaborators can work together in Databricks Clean Rooms.