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Crypto Data Analysis

Analyze crypto currencies across markets with various exchanges


Analyze trading patterns across various crypto exchanges

The financial services sector faces disruption from the exponential rate of change in the digital asset ecosystem. New digital asset types such as cryptocurrencies, digital asset tokens (e.g., commodity or utility tokens), distributed ledger technology, stablecoins and blockchain continue to be integrated, but at the same time, regulations and regulatory scrutiny continue to increase. The reality is, these technologies are changing how we buy and pay for things, what we invest in and the infrastructure of financial markets around the world.

Delivering seamless access to vast digital asset data is essential to support trading and risk strategies. With the Databricks Lakehouse for Financial Services and Nasdaq Data Link Digital Assets market data, financial institutions can:

  • Access data sets for crypto trades, quotes and order books
  • Reduce ETL of large data sets from months to minutes
  • Uncover trading trends by analyzing different customer pairs across global markets
  • Use Delta Sharing to streamline data access and analysis at scale
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