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Understanding Price Transparency Data

Pre-built code, sample data and step-by-step instructions ready to go in a Databricks notebook


Understand the costs of healthcare by unlocking price transparency data from health plans

In the United States, health plans are facing regulatory requirements around price transparency with a rule known as Transparency in Coverage. Health plans must post information for covered items and services. This is in the form of price transparency machine-readable file (MRF) data. These data sets are very large, often unzipping up to 150GB. Further, the JSON structure mandated by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services allows for the creation of just one JSON object, challenging even the fastest parsers.

With the Databricks Lakehouse for Healthcare and Life Sciences, data teams can:

  • Ingest and read large price transparency machine-readable file (MRF) data
  • Stream JSON objects and parse on the fly with Spark Structured Streaming
  • Efficiently perform analysis using Databricks SQL (DBSQL)
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