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Azure Databricks for Gaming

The data platform that helps you know, grow and retain engaged players



Better together

Game studios must move quickly to stay ahead of player expectations. Azure Databricks brings a unified data and AI platform to Azure’s enterprise-ready cloud, helping teams know, grow and retain engaged players through game analytics and big data solutions.

Why Azure Databricks for Gaming?

Bring together any type of data in a single, open and collaborative platform that supports any and all data, analytics and AI workloads — from data engineering to business intelligence and data science.

Part of the Azure family

Everything you love about Databricks, on Azure. Zero friction sign-up, accessible through the Azure portal. Get one Azure bill in the mail, with the same level of Azure service support.

Drive stronger business outcomes through collaboration

Data teams can innovate and deploy solutions faster, thanks to the collaborative workspace of the Databricks Lakehouse Platform. Combine with services like Azure PlayFab for real-time insights.

Enterprise-ready on day one

Azure Databricks meets Microsoft Azure service security and compliance standards with out-of-the-box integration with Azure Active Directory and role-based access.

Native integration with Azure services

Integrate seamlessly with other Azure services, such as Blob Storage, Data Lake Store, Azure Synapse Analytics, Cosmos DB and more.

Simplified data architecture

Simplified data architecture

Build on Azure Databricks and seamlessly integrate across major Azure data services. Data management and governance with ACID transactions, data versioning and audit history are all built-in. Azure becomes a single source of truth for your data estate.

Databricks for Gaming use cases

Use Databricks in pre-production to accelerate your development and create a tighter game loop. Then leverage the 360-degree view of your players to drive more effective engagement and monetization over time.

Game development

Use big data and AI to drive smarter game design decisions

  • Game design
  • Game balancing
  • Game analytics
  • Community management
  • Loyalty promotions

Gamer acquisition and experience

Create personalized, one-to-one experiences at scale

  • Ad click-through analysis
  • Real-time ad targeting
  • Recommendation engine
  • Churn prediction and prevention
  • Quality of service analysis

Gamer monetization and sentiment

Tap actionable insights to add business value

  • Player 360/gamer lifetime value
  • Player performance tracking
  • Product placement and pricing
  • Social sentiment analysis
  • Next-best offer/action

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