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Collaboration is a core tenet of the Lakehouse Platform. Data teams - whether data engineers, data scientists, or data analysts - are able to achieve exponentially more when they can work together on a unified platform and share access to the same, reliable data.

That’s why today, we’re excited to deepen our partnership and announce Databricks Ventures’ investment in Hex’s Series B fundraise through the Lakehouse Fund. Hex is a platform for collaborative data science and analytics, and its cloud-based data workspace makes it easy to connect to data, analyze data in a collaborative SQL and Python-powered notebook format, and share work as interactive data apps and stories. This investment builds off our recently-announced partnership with Hex to enable users to more easily collaborate on analytics workflows with data inside the Lakehouse Platform. Through our partnership and integration, data scientists and analysts can use Hex to query and interact directly with data within Databricks’ Lakehouse Platform with just a few clicks. Hex supports our users’ favorite languages, such as SQL, Python, and R, and offers drag-and-drop tools for users to build and share their own interactive data apps.

We have long admired the Hex team’s innovative, UI-driven approach to enabling analytics workflows and are pleased to support their continued development as a leading data workspace. Not only does Hex’s novel approach to data science workbooks make the lives of data scientists and analysts easier, its tools also help users create and publish interactive data apps that allow data residing within the Lakehouse to be actionable and impact more people - both within our customers’ organizations and publicly.

Hex is exactly the kind of innovative company we envisioned investing in through the Lakehouse Fund. We established Databricks Ventures to support companies that use their technology to expand the power of the Databricks Lakehouse Platform for modern data teams everywhere. While Databricks’ Collaborative Notebooks empower data teams across thousands of organizations, we’re all about giving our customers innovative options to serve the widest range of use cases. Hex is one of several recently-announced investments in categories that are modernizing how our customers work with data – such as dbt Labs (data transformation in the lakehouse), Arcion (real-time data sync), and Labelbox (training data platform).

We will continue to look for more ways to work closely with Hex to make data teams everywhere more productive. Soon, our joint customers can expect to see an even more seamless integration via Hex’s availability within Databricks Partner Connect. Keep an eye out for more announcements later this year!

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